A wind up

From the book ‘Free Spirit’ by R. Martakies:

1947 on the 5th an 7th of March Schwitters gave recitals of his Merz poetry at The London Gallery.
Sixteen people attended the first reading and twelve the second, a BBC sound crew was sent to record Schwitters’ recital but left after only twenty minutes having decided that the Merz poem was a wind up.

In 1945 Ambleside was home to the Royal College of Art that had been evacuated from London to escape the blitz.
The town was full of artists and students, Schwitters found himself in an artistic enclave although, so far as we know, he never made contact with the College *).

He did, however become a member of the Lakes Artists Society and in 1947 exhibited two abstract collages in the Society’s Grasmere show; neither sold.

*) remark: and the College never made contact with Schwitters either.