We retraced the original route taken by the wall, and, carefully considering all the recently gathered eye witness reports, we concluded that the following time schedule was the most likely:

Wednesday 22th Sept. 1965:
start of the removal of the wall in Elterwater

Thursday 30th Sep (3 PM):
start of transport by Pickfords (overnight stop in Kendal)

Friday 1th Oct.:

late arrival in Newcastle (after a day-and-a-half)

Monday 4th Oct.:
start of the building of a temporary protection for the wall


Thursday 21 th June 1966:
start of getting the wall into position in the Gallery


This is reasoned guesswork, but what is certain is that the removal began in Elterwater at the end of September 1965 and took about a week to complete. Thereafter the wall was transported to Newcastle by low loader with one overnight stop.

Upon its arrival in Newcastle the wall probably spent the rest of the weekend close to the gallery (still on its low loader), but in any case on Monday 4th October it was put in temporary premises until 20st June 1966. Then the hoisting operation began.
In 2009 Fred Brookes confirmed these data.